Something Casual

Project Timeline

2021 - present


Branding, graphic design, shopify, social media


For the past year, I have worked on growing and building a new loungewear brand. In this role, I have worn many hats but I have mainly spearheaded product, design, and technological aspects.


Personally, I strive to continuously learn post-education. I’ve always had an interest in creating, fashion, ecommerce space, and social media marketing. Given all the free-ish time I had being at home during lock-down, I thought to myself: What’s better for learning than diving knees deep into it? So, I did it. About a year ago, my sister, our friend, and I decided to create a loungewear brand. This spiralled into a whole small business that is operated solely online and in our small Toronto condo.


Overall, I wanted to create a successful collection that I can be happy and proud of. As for my mission for the company, I wanted to help bridge the gap between comfort and style with the intention to empower individuals to not only look good, but also feel good!


Here is the branding and style guide that we currently follow moving forward.

Final Storefront

Visit Something Casual's website for a more thorough walkthrough!
Feel free to browse and check out my store 😊.


Starting a small business entails many skills and I hope to continuously improve on them.
Since our first launch back in August 2021, these are my main learnings:

  • The ecommerce industry is ever changing and I find myself learning something new about it everyday.
  • Marketing on social media platforms months before launch is very important to create “hype”; therefore, early sales.
  • Design is never done! From creating graphics to editing new photoshoot pictures, I seem to find myself opening sketchbook, Adobe creative suite, and Shopify everyday 😓
  • Stop comparing yourself to multi-million dollar apparel companies!

If you have any tips for small business owners, please reach out! I would love to hear them. 😉